Wednesday, May 12, 2010

When will it end?

Matt and I knew in buying an old house meant sometimes unexpected expenses. We did not realize it would be constant. We found this house in Fort Mitchell in October and we have enjoyed every second of making it our own. It has been so fun putting our special touches on different projects that we have done. So far, we have put overhead lights in our living room, mounted our TV above our fireplace, and added some landscaping (herb garden and azalea bushes). We bought a grill for the back deck and a new couch and chair. Recently, our dryer went out and it was a huge expense, so our living room decorating has been postponed. It looks so bare. Just a couch and chair. We need a rug, coffee table, side tables, lamps, and something for that back wall. Our couches are a slate gray color and I am torn over whether or not I like the paint color on the walls. I think I want something alittle more neutral. I would love to go antique shopping for some really funky accessories for the wall. My friend Cassie put an awesome piece on her wall made from an old window. It looked incredible. I wish I was that creative.
Much Love.


  1. I found you! Your house is so beautiful! I love the couches! I am so glad to see you and Matt are doing so well, I am so happy for you guys. Look for my emails!

  2. Hi Traci! So glad I found your blog, and glad to see you guys are doing close are you to Cincinnati? I am still in Hyde Park and getting used to the city. If you are close I'd love to see you. Your house is adorable! Enjoy your summer break, I am so very jealous!! Amy