Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Started my Master's...

Well, I decided to go back to school for Educational Administration. I would love to be a middle school principal (god help those kids!). My first class is School Law with John Concannon. The only thing I heard about him is that he is Captain Punctual and you must be on time. Class started at 6:00 and he arrived at 6:45. He thought the class began at 7:00. That was comical. He felt so bad that he is bringing pizza on Thursday for us! After being in just one class (6:00-9:45) I am so thankful that I did not go to Law School. The constant memorization is not for me.
I am, of course, the youngest in the class and I actually take pride in that. I am really excited about going to Xavier. I think that their Edu Admin program is fantastic.

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