Thursday, May 27, 2010

Every party must have...

Old Time Pottery in Florence, Ky is closing. The place for some great buys and also some great junk will be closing its doors on June 30. I went out yesterday with my mom and found some cheap glass plates for entertaining and also some chargers to match my china.

For some reason, I always feel like a better host when I have glass plates and cups during my parties. I love to entertain but it can be very costly if you're not careful. I bit the bullet and bought clear glass dinner plates and cocktail plates. They have a cute little design on them that I really liked. It was costly up front, but I will be very happy that I can just throw them in the dishwasher party after party.

Is there any must have for you before you have a party?

For me,

1. I must have flowers. How pretty is this arrangement with dark peonies and hydrangeas (reminds me of my wedding bouquet)? I think it is also neat when you are able to build your own bouquet. I sometimes go to Findlay Market and buy flowers and then put them together in a great bouquet. The possibilities are endless!

2. I like to have a WIDE array of drinks. I am not a beer drinker and I know many people are not liquor drinkers; so I always try to account for everyone. I usually have a white and red wine, 2 different types of beer, and a specialty drink (like a martini or slush). Even if beer is all that is drunk, I still feel good that I covered my bases.....and the next day I have a few things to sip on (hopefully it's warm and I can sit on my deck).

3. Meat-less Options for Food. Whether you have vegetarian friends or not, sometimes people just prefer it. I have noticed once I started entertaining that most snacks I munch on at a party are meatless. If you want to take this one step further, go no dairy either, but I usually just stick with no meat snacks (I like cheese WAY too much)!

Here are a few from the Food Network:

4. This is a new one of mine. I recently was given a dock for my Ipod and before that I never had music at my parties. Although I put it on low, it changes the whole mood. The silences that happen at the beginning when only a few people have arrived are filled with good music. I will never have another party without it playing. I usually play the Michael Buble or John Legend channel on Pandora! It makes everyone happy!

I am so glad that I LOVE to entertain. It truly makes me happy. I hope one day I am in a position to have sit down dinner parties (my dream). For now, cocktail parties and picnics are filling up my calendar happily.

Much Love.

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  1. great ideas!! i wish i was better at entertaining...i guess i should be taking notes :)