Tuesday, May 11, 2010

So new for me.

I recently read a college friend's blog and it made me want to jump on this bandwagon. If not for anything but being able to record things in my life. As I sat at my computer and set up the blog, I realized that I do not have a really exciting life. I am not going through anything traumatic or emotional that people can connect with; I just have a simple life with my amazing Husband and super cute Great Dane! So, I guess I will write about that simple life.

Matt and I were married May 30, 2009 (coming up on the big 1 year anniversary!) My wedding day was a fairy tale to me for many reasons. I knew that my life was finally complete with Matt as my husband. I also had an amazing celebration with the most important people in my life sharing every moment with Matt and I. I will share things about my wedding frequently because I think about that day almost every day!

In October (yes 5 months after we were married) we bought our house! It is everything we wanted; old, in the area we wanted, great neighbors, amazing kitchen. The only reason we were able to buy this house is because of the 5 months we lived with my Mom and were able to save. Thank you, Mom!

It is now May and we are really looking forward to being in the house over the summer. We have an amazing deck where Matt and Mabel love to hang out. Here is a blurry picture of them!
I am excited about finishing the school year. The 7th graders are getting wild and I don't blame them. I am ready for summer too! I will be teaching the same thing next year (Math-2 classes; Pre-Algebra-1 class; Language Arts-1 class) in 7th grade. It is definitely a tough year but it is the year where you are able to see the most growth (or lack thereof). It has been an adventure!
Well, this has been fun writing my very first post. I have no idea if anyone will ever read this but I am going to enjoy writing it!
Much Love.

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  1. Mabel is SO, SO, SO cute!! Gah, I can't get over it. I am not sure about your spelling, but I know that the spelling "Mable" means "lovable"~ I bet your spelling means that too! I mean, look at that face, how could it not???