Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Asian Broccoli Slaw

Thought I would share a really easy Asian Slaw I made this weekend. You can buy the bags of Broccoli slaw at the store. Looks like this....It has broccoli, carrots and red cabbage. You can make it yourself, but why? This looks delicious...

Anyways, threw that in a bowl and cut up about 5 green onions. Throw them in and add pepper. Roughly chop some walnuts (or any kind of nut) and add 1/4 cup of Brianna's Ginger Asian dressing. You've seen it before...they have all kinds of flavors to choose from.
Here is the French.

Try it out.

Much Love.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Vegetable Challenge

Look at all of those great vegetables!
Matt and I just started a December challenge (we do weird things like this sometimes). We were trying to think of something that would be a CHALLENGE. We do not eat enough vegetables so we have challenged each other to have a serving of vegetables every day. After doing some digging online, I found this incredible blog... http://greatbigvegchallenge.blogspot.com/ Check it out! You can hear about her "vegetable challenge" to get her son to like vegetables by eating through the alphabet! How fabulous?
So, I am going to try to keep you up to date on our vegetable journey which is definitely going to be longer than a month.
So far, we have been eating broccoli, carrots or celery every day. How boring is that? We need to pick it up a bit.

We are going to be adding asparagus, squash, and leeks over the next week. I will post pictures soon!

Much Love.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas is here

Christmas is finally here and we have been so busy. We decided to do another live tree this year and I am so glad we did. They are not perfect, by any means, but they are so worth the imperfections. This one seemed too skinny and not very full, but it has made that little corner just explode with delight! I walk in my door and I get this amazing feeling! It is just beautiful. Last year, we received this ornament for Mabel. It's my favorite ornament. It is front and center on my tree, right next to Dusty's (RIP) collar.

As promised in my last post, I was able to make the Mexican Casserole from Janetha (Meals and Moves).

Here it is:

The list of exact ingredients are in my last post.

Saute your onions and green bell peppers in olive oil.

Make sure they are soft.

Then add Ground Turkey

Break it up and cook meat. Add taco seasoning and combine.

Once meat is cooked and taco seasoning is fully incorporated, add rice, tomatoes (I used can) and black beans (rinsed).

Add enchilada sauce and greek yogurt and stir.
Then add LOTS of cheese!

Then bake! YUM! It was beyond delicious! And the leftovers are even better.

Ok, next. While I was cooking the casserole, I realized I had a half of an onion left over and some leftover ingredients in the fridge. So, I made a greek salad. YUM.

Start with chopped onions (bigger than a dice).
Chop a seedless cucumber and add to the colorful bowl!
Add a couple of swirls of extra virgin olive oil and then sprinkle a generous teaspoon of Greek Seasoning.

Stir together. Add Salt and Pepper to taste. Cut up a handful of cilantro and add to salad.

Finish by taking a lime and squeezing half in the bowl. If you like ALOT of citrus, add the whole thing!

Much Love.