Monday, October 25, 2010

It has come...

The time has come for Robin to return to MD Anderson in Houston and get the reports on whether or not the chemo has been working. I feel like this day has been drawing near for some time now. I cannot believe it has been almost 9 weeks since Robin was in Houston last time. I think back to that time when she couldn't walk, she looked 8 months pregnant because of the fluid and tumors in her ovaries, and the way she looked so darn sick. It makes me nauseous thinking about it.

Now, 9 weeks and 4 chemo treatments later, she walks a mile a day, plans birthday parties like nothing is wrong and plays with Mora and Lucia all the time. The chemo has to be working. I keep telling myself this, but I think that is where I am thinking wrong. No, I am not wrong about it working, I am wrong about the chemo. God is healing her. I know he is. And that is a big step for me to say, especially on my blog where anyone can read. I am such a public school teacher, where I know I have to keep my beliefs on religion to myself, as to not have an agenda toward anything. Well, this is not my professional career....this is my sister! I will not hold back when it comes to her, especially because it is her that has taught me to have this type of relationship with Him. I used to think that if I went to church and was a good person, I would be fine. Nope. I must have a relationship with him....this is not a one way street and I have learned to talk to him about my day and my worries (although He already knows them-but I like to say them out loud to make sure!). Since then, I have been calmer and feel as though he is showing me that there is nothing to be afraid of in this situation. He is protecting her and I know that He will not let harm come her way. He does and always has had a plan for her, and I am thinking now that it is to be an inspiration to others going through similar situations. She is just amazing!!!

Thank you to everyone who has been storming Heaven in her behalf. I really appreciate it and I know he is listening. If you have some extra prayers, please don't stop! Also, please send a few up there for my dear friend, Cassie, to be blessed with something she has wanted her entire life, a child. She is another one that God had another plan for her....she is an inspiration to those wanting a child. Her blog is amazing...and I know that God has His hand on her as well.

Much Love.

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