Sunday, October 3, 2010

Time does not stop for anything.

It has been almost 4 months since my last post and I cannot believe how time has flown by. Time definitely does not wait up for you to catch up. So many things have happened over the past 4 months, it seems as if whenever I turn around, something else happens.

Teaching ended in June, but I was still going to school in the evenings at Xavier for grad school. I am absolutely in love with the administration program and I know that being an administrator is where I want to be. It has been amazing. I took a school law class and a principalship class in the summer and my professors were incredible. I know it is super expensive, but the connections and experience that you gain from your professors, it is worth every penny to me.

In late July, my sister Robin started feeling really bloated in her abdomen area. She went to the doctor and they found that she has a cyst in her ovaries. That day was the beginning of a horrific nightmare that we are still living. The cyst turned into her being pregnant. Being pregnant turned into impossible because her ovaries have been dead for months. Ovaries being dead for months turned into her have a malignant tumor from hip to hip in both of her ovaries. Malignant tumors in her ovaries turned into the cancer coming from somewhere else. The cancer coming from somewhere else turned into finding more cancer in her spine, ribs, pelvis and shoulder. The cancer in her bones turned into still not knowing where it was coming from. Still not knowing where it was coming from turned into getting a one year to live prognosis. Yes, you heard me correctly. She received that one year prognosis on August 31, 2010 and she has been fighting ever since. I wish I could pause time to spend every second with her. But it doesn't work like that. You must never take anything for granted. She lives 3 hours away in Evansville, Indiana, and I try to go down there every chance I can.
She began chemotherapy on September 2 and has since received 3 treatments. She is handling the medications like a pro.
So, that brings us to today. She writes on (search RobinEvernham) and is an inspiration to anyone she talks to. God is speaking directly through her to anyone that is questioning him and so many people are turning to him. It is AWESOME! I know that she can beat this and that prognosis means NOTHING. It is in HIS hands and no doctor can tell me otherwise.

Thank you to so many that pray every day for her. Keep storming the heavens for her!


  1. Trace,
    My heart is breaking for your family everyday as you go through this awful time. Please know that I am here for anything you need. Even if I have to meet you on the highway, I could even watch Mabel (were perfectly equiped!)Pat and I are praying for you all every day. I love you and miss you soo much!

  2. So proud of you for go out there and kick ass every day. I don't know how you do it. Stay up for me ok?