Monday, October 18, 2010

An Amazing Weekend...

Wow, where do I begin? This past weekend was incredible and was exactly what Matt and I needed right now. We arrived to Chicago at about 11:30pm on Friday night after a very long week. We headed straight to Boystown, an area in Lakeview, to pick up Matt's race information that our friend Chucky had picked up for us earlier in the week (so nice of him). I also got to see the lounge that Chucky works at and it was so cool. Very ultra chic and stylish. I wish we could've stayed longer but Matt needed to go to bed early for the race the next morning.

We woke up around 5:45am on Saturday and Matt stretched and then left and walked about 1.5 miles to where the race started. I was able to take my time getting ready and head to Starbucks and really enjoy walking the streets of downtown early in the morning. Our hotel was 1 block west from the Navy Pier and 1 block east of Michigan Ave so we were at a perfect area. On my way to the race, I caught this perfect picture over the river coming in from the lake. The sun was coming up and it was beautiful. I actually sat on the bridge for about 10 minutes just looking at the city light up by the sun. How corny, huh? When I finally came back to reality, I headed to the race. I met these lovely 2 women who come to Chicago every year for the Urbanathalon to watch their husbands and they knew the perfect spot to watch the runners to catch them at 2 different places. It was so perfect. So, I caught him running during his 2nd mile here (we were all cheering for him, that is why he is looking at me!) and then caught him again by the lake doing his 2nd obstacle (police barriers and construction barriers-see below for complete list of obstacles).

Mattis in all white. Matt actually did really well in the race. He finished 68/about 3,000. The numbers are a little off as to how many total ran because there were a number of relay teams and they count as 1.

I was so proud of him! Here we are as soon as he crossed the finish line. And guess what we did after the race?? SHOPPING! What a trooper. I did give him some time to shower and rest for about a half hour at the hotel, but we did not want to waste our time in Chicago in the hotel. So, we walked up and down Michigan Avenue and had a ball. We then headed to the Navy Pier and spent some time with Chucky, which was so fun!

Saturday night we went to Province Restaurant and we were so happy with our selection. It was delicious! If you are in Chicago soon, please try it! The chef really takes care of the customers and sends out a "taster" of his style right when you sit down. It is something that is not on the menu but a way to show you his type of cooking. We started with Goat Cheese Fondue with herb crisps! WOW! If I wouldn't have been afraid of being kicked out I would've licked the bowl. Matt decided to get a BBQ lamb with chorizo and cornbread and I got rare tuna with caper and red pepper vinaigarette. Umm, I cannot even describe to you how delicious it tasted. And to top it off, it was VERY AFFORDABLE! Gosh, I could really go on and on about it! YUM!

We drove back on Sunday and we were glad to get home to see Mabel. And I think she was glad to back to her home. She loves staying with my mom, but she curled up on our bed and did not move the whole night. We put this on her about 40 minutes before I took this picture. It looks like she enjoys it.

I hope everyone enjoys their week.

Much Love.

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