Thursday, October 14, 2010

UrbanAthalon-This Weekend!

The time has finally come for Matt to run in the Men's Health Urban Athalon! I blogged about it a while back when I was still going to try; however, I have wimped out and now I will be cheering for Matt on Michigan Ave. He has been training his tail off for this and I am so excited for him. Check out below if you want to know everything he will be doing during the race.

We are staying at the Embassy Suites-Downtown and I am so excited for our little weekend getaway. Matt and I are great travel partners because we both hate schedules (which is weird because in our everyday life, we are all about schedules). When we are away, we do not want to think about anything but enjoying each other.

The last time we were in Chicago we were looking for apartments because Matt had just got a job offer from Chubb Insurance. How different this trip will be not worrying about where we would live and just enjoying Chicago.

The one thing we do think about before travelling somewhere is where we are going to eat. We do not care when we eat there, but we must eat there sometime during our trip. We research these places in the local city magazines or newspapers as "Must Eats." This weekend, we will be trying

Province on Jefferson Street. The place looks incredible to say the least. The building is made from all green sustainable materials and has a farm-to-table menu. I am so excited! Here are some views from inside the restaurant. It looks quite small, which is even better. I know I should make a reservation, but a part of me wants to just show up and sit at the bar and wait. Who cares how long.....
I hope everyone has an amazing weekend as I think this is one of our last ones with this AMAZING weather. I hope to be outside in Chicago most of our time there.
Much Love.


  1. Whoa. Sorry about the font change. Did not realize I did that.

  2. We would be amazing NYC plans just taking it a minute at a time. Best way to visit any city!