Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blog Hiatus

Same old story...I've been crazy busy and have slacked on updating the blog. I promise I am going to attempt to start doing it weekly!

Since the last post, Robin is hanging in there. Her surgery is this Monday (2.7.11) and they are going in to remove the tumors and ovaries and appendix. We are praying that they do not open her up and find something they were not expecting. Please pray for a speedy recovery from a very nonevasive surgery!

Matt and I made pretty hefty new years resolutions. We vowed to eat healthy (not the BS kind, like really) and have been doing a really good job at it. We have cut out red meat from our diet almost completely. Our next step is to begin cooking fish at home (we are scared at this point, we only get it at restaurants). Matt is training for his marathon in May and I am trying to start exercising lightly (any heavier I will get burnt out). I love to walk so I am walking twice a week and I have started doing yoga at my house (thanks DVR). It's going great!

Our friends' Thomas and Christy are getting married on March 18 and we are preparing for that with fun showers and bachelor/bachelorette parties! WOO HOO! We cannot wait for their big day.

We know that 2011 is going to bring so many wonderful things and we are so excited about it! Already, we have 7 weddings this year! WOW! Cannot wait for all of them!

I will be finished with my masters in June (wow 13 months) and I am SO EXCITED ABOUT IT!

Hope everything is great with you!

Much Love.

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